Goods and Services Tax – CA

Goods and Services Tax

GST has become one of the biggest fiscal reform that our country has witnessed. All businesses, small or large are going to get impacted because of this paradigm shift in the indirect tax regime. Policymakers have consistently resonated the benefit of a unified taxation system in a federal country like India.

We at RNS can assist you in better handling the GST regime for and efficient running of your business. We have with us extensive experience in handling regulatory assistance in areas such as:

  • GST Registrations
  • Assistance on deposit of periodical taxes
  • Filing of Tax returns
  • Handling refund claims
  • Audit assistance
  • Conducting GST audits as per the state GST law requirements
  • Representation under the GST laws
  • Representation before all adjudicating Authorities including
  • Representation before Advance Ruling Authority
  • Representation before Settlement Commission for settlement of cases
  • Day-to-day litigation support on notices, summons etc. received from tax authorities