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RNS has a comprehensive service portfolio intended to give its clients all services under single roof in an integrated manner.

R.N.S & Associates .(RNS) works closely with clients to provide a wide spectrum of fully integrated services in areas that include accounting, assurance, risk, tax, financial and capital management, business consultation and other advisory services. Our firm offers a true global approach to business issues that blends pragmatic insight with creativity, to help organizations achieve their desired objectives. RNS is committed to provide novel solutions to help clients emerge from challenges and create lasting value. RNS has a comprehensive service portfolio intended to give its clients all services under single roof in an integrated manner.


International taxation

RNS helps in structuring cross border transactions of tangibles, intangibles and services and inbound and outbound investments for achieving high tax efficiency and minimize the tax risks on an overall basis.

Today’s business is global. For businesses to grow and compete, they need to develop internationally. Tax and Revenue authorities around the world are getting more sophisticated; they share information, both on taxpayers and in developing tax laws. Any cross-border transaction involves tax implications at both ends of the transaction as well as each jurisdiction affected by such a transaction. In the context of cross-border taxation, income characterization and jurisdictions play key role in tax implications and by structuring the transaction appropriately, overall tax incidence can be minimized. At RNS , we have the capability as well as experience to understand the transaction from the perspective of India as well as overseas country’s tax laws, so that we efficiently structure the transaction.

Our Range Of services include

  • Advice on cross border transactions
  • Advice on double tax treaties and foreign tax systems/implications
  • Tax efficient structuring of cross border transactions
  • Advisory services in relation to the improvement/effectiveness of the cross border ‘Supply Chain’ process.
  • Compliance through tax returns, withholding tax certifications
  • Representaions before Tax authorities
  • International tax dispute resolution through advance rulings

Our International Tax specialists offer services that successfully align all the different areas of taxation into a benefit-driven strategy that is reflected favourably in the various financial parameters. Our people and global resources are able to help clients develop and execute business strategies quickly and effectively, with strong accountability and governance. Our practitioners blend local country technical knowledge with appropriate regional and global insight on the latest developments in tax policy, legislation and administration.

Our range of services include:

  • Advice on cross border transactions
  • Advice on double tax treaties and foreign tax systems/implications
  • Tax efficient structuring of cross border transactions
  • Advisory services in relation to the improvement/effectiveness of the cross border ‘Supply Chain’ process.
  • International tax dispute resolution

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RNS is the regional leader in corporate tax, including tax compliance, representation, litigation, pre-transaction advisory and tax risk assessment. RNS views tax services not as tax reduction exercise but as a strategy to obtain tax efficiency keeping low risks.

Attitudes to tax are changing. Tax decisions are under scrutiny like never before. Organizations, from middle market to multinationals, are ever more exposed to changing trends in tax regulations. Large corporate groups need specialist advice and services to manage their tax obligations. They are involved in complicated transactions and usually have unusual structures that are in place for historical reasons. In addition, there are special tax rules that relate specifically to corporations and corporate groups. The tax function’s new role is based on contributing value to the company’s overall strategy as an integral part of the business. KCM maintains highest levels of ethical standards and quality of services. RNS has a dedicated team developed for each area of tax practice, considering requirements of different skill levels and mindset. We follow a proactive approach in tax services and the partners of the firm actively participate in the discussions, leading to formulating new tax laws.

    Our wide range of services in corporate law matter includes:
  • Formation of company in India, viz, Private Limited, Public Limited, wholly owned subsidiary company, LLP etc.
  • All matters related with Registrar of Companies & Company Law Board
  • Project finance assistance and feasibility reports
  • Corporate tax planning and return filings
  • Business and Share valuation
  • Maintenance & compliance of Statutory Records, MCA filings
  • Merger & acquisitions
  • Coporate restructurings
  • Representations before Company law board and tribunals

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Statutory Audits & Assurance

The businesses worldwide are changing rapidly, together with dynamic laws, regulations and economic environment. This places significant importance to statutory audits under various statutes, especially audits mandated under corporate and tax laws. Various statutes demand extensive disclosures that require detailed analysis of the Financial Statements of the organisations on an independent basis.

We, at RNS, ensure that the Financial Statements are analysed after proper understanding of the business and market factors affecting the organisation and the audit approach is customised to suit the client needs. Our audit services extend beyond the conventional financial reporting function. We believe that audit must not restrict itself to review of historical data; it must also provide reasonable information about impending risks.

While the objective remains the same, i.e. to assure stakeholders with regard to fairness of financials, the approach and methodology needs to be customized for different industries and business models. During last several decades of its service, RNS has served the full spectrum of the industry, be it manufacturing, infrastructure, power, oil & gas, telecom, FMCG or IT services. RNS is empanelled as WITH Comptroller & Auditor General of India, and is currently an empanelled firm with State bank of india as Statutoy branch auditors.

Our audit division is engaged in providing the following services

  • Financial statement audit
  • Internal audit
  • Management audit
  • Operational audit
  • Tax audits
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Indirect taxation Services


GST is set to become one of the biggest fiscal reform that our country is going to witness. All businesses, small or large are going to get impacted because of this paradigm shift in the indirect tax regime. Policymakers have consistently resonated the benefit of a unified taxation system in a federal country like India.with its implementation from 1st july 2017 gst is set to be the game changer in the indirect tax sytem .


Our services cover the following:

  • Assistance before/during conduct of departmental audit by local teams
  • Assistance on drafting replies to enquiry and show cause notices.
Other Regulatory Assistance

We have with us extensive experience in handling regulatory assistance in areas such as:

  • GST Registrations
  • Assistance on deposit of periodical taxes
  • Filing of Tax returns
  • Handling refund claims
  • Audit assistance)
  • Conducting GST audits as per the state GST law requirements
  • Representation under the GST laws
  • Representation before all adjudicating Authorities including
  • Representation before Advance Ruling Authority
  • Representation before Settlement Commission for settlement of cases
  • Day-to-day litigation support on notices, summons etc. received from tax authorities
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